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The Sweet Deception of Splenda

Artificial sweeteners have played a major role in the modern diet ever since we discovered ortho-sulfobenzoic acid imide (saccharin) in 1879. This has been especially true in recent decades, as traditional sugar has gained a reputation for having devastating health consequences. Currently, there are six... Read More

A Good Laugh

Serious science shows that it may be just the medicine you need! Feeling tired or sick? Try laughing more. Research suggests laughter just might be the best medicine to make you feel better. It gives you a more positive, upbeat frame of mind, triggers healthy... Read More

You Can’t Change Without It!

To make positive change in your life, you need this ingredient. FROM THE JULY 2017 TRUMPET PRINT EDITION Do you start lifestyle goals with zeal and excitement, only to have them end with disappointment? If you relate to this, then like about 90 percent of... Read More

The Thin Evidence Of Counting Calories

If you’re one of 45 million Americans planning a low-calorie, quick-fix diet to solve your weight or health problem, take some advice: Don’t. Many doctors, nutritionists and food marketers actively promote restrictive eating, but there are good reasons to take a different approach. According to... Read More

Allergies: When Food Attacks

Lucretius wrote, “What is food to one is to others bitter poison.” Nowhere is this Roman philosopher’s observation more apparent than with the steep rise in food allergies over the last two decades. In years past, some few suffered an allergy to one type of... Read More

Thyroid Disorder: The Silent Disease

Are pervasive tiredness and foggy mindedness hijacking your life? Do aching muscles and stress make you feel like life is draining away? If so, you may be suffering from a persistent, frustrating misery shared with about 27 million other Americans: thyroid problems. Mounting research shows... Read More

Cheap Food Is an Illusion

From the November-December 2016 Trumpet Print Edition » BY JORG MARDIAN Food seems simple. Farmers and ranchers grow it. Grocery stores sell it. You eat it. But the truth is far more complex, far more corrupt, and far more toxic to your health. Growing, selling... Read More

Be a Smarter Supermarket Shopper

From the September 2016 Trumpet Print Edition »  . When you shop at the grocery, realize that you are a target.  . BY JORG MARDIAN  . Busy consumers love supermarkets. Row upon row of perfectly presented food allow you to run in, grab what you... Read More

Diabetes: Are You at Risk?

From the August 2016 Trumpet Print Edition » BY JORG MARDIAN  . Are you at risk? Hundreds of millions are. Here’s how to escape the danger.  . Diabetes is now one of the top 10 killers in the world. According to the World Health Organization... Read More

Cross-Train Your Brain

From the July 2016 Trumpet Print Edition » BY JORG MARDIAN – Exercising benefits your body—that is obvious. But here’s something that isn’t. Recent studies confirm what scientists have believed for decades: Exercise also keeps your brain fit. If you do not safeguard your brain,... Read More