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The Fitness Conundrum: Seniors And Fine China Are Incompatible!

(Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

(Photo credit: Old Shoe Woman)

How many times has  a “senior” been told by a professional that their aches, pains, weaknesses and muscle loss are inevitable because of age? To an extend, that is true. But did you know hat you can greatly reduce the downward slide of deterioration with healthy eating and exercise? It’s true! Many people still have a high degree of function well into their 70’s-90’s because they stay active and keep a careful watch on what they eat.  Muscle doesn’t just vanish, it get’s weaker and atrophies due to limited use. So as we age, and “retire,” we believe it’s time to relax and enjoy the golden years. Wrong move! Inactivity is one of the best ways you can “fall of the cliff” and accelerate the bodily deterioration process.

There is NEVER a time to do nothing. Everyone has time to take care of themselves. And when you do, make sure it’s something that’s not necessarily “senior” rated. I hate the fact that people are treated with kid gloves due to age.

Fitness classes for seniors are a great idea, but instructors should always progress them to greater strength, stability, balance and co-ordination. ALWAYS keep them challenged – safely of course. The main reason classes such as Osteofit are dying is because they’re boring and do little to motivate. They have the same 10-15 exercises and provide no tangible goal and no real muscular stimulation as weights are too light. Who said a senior can’t advance past 2 or 3 pound weights? What type of nonsense is that? Once the heart get’s stronger, seniors are quite capable of doing more strenuous exercises.

Seniors love a challenge and the motivating educational banter of having exercises and benefits explained to them, being shown proper form and movement, and being challenged to do more and to see regular progress. Seniors SHOULD NOT be treated like fine china. They’re quite capable of doing challenging exercises (within their capabilities) that make them sweat, turn red and give their instructor the evil eye. If this formula didn’t work and the results were not evident, they wouldn’t attend such classes. If you’re one of those instructors with a senior niche, then you’ll see your attendance skyrocket.

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