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Client Therapy Testimonials

There just isn’t enough thanks in the world for me to adequately express how appreciate I am of Jorg’s help in getting me out of a cycle of crippling back pain. It was reaching a point where I didn’t even know how to lie down anymore. Jorg was able to assess the situation and pull together a very doable and effective plan of strengthening and stretching. After months of seeing chiros and physios, it only took about three sessions of doing Jorg’s plan to really lessen the pain. A few more sessions and I am happy to report that me and my back are doing just fine!!!!

Tanya Howes, Comm. Advisor, Project Development Community & Aboriginal Affairs, Vancouver, BC

Jorg, you are amazing. I want everyone to know that my wife has had headaches for about ten years and we have visited chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists and so on for many years. None have helped her — except now. Within one week of applying your methods, my wife’s headaches disappeared and she can function normally. You were right, it had to do with tight muscles which needed release. We merely applied the various methods you outlined and here we are. You have to understand that it’s like a miracle for us because my wife can now function normally and we can have a life together, rather than seeing her endure crippling pain night after night. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jorg. God bless…

Ron and Betty Sexsmith, Burnaby, BC

Thank you very much for all the muscle balance protocols you gave me. My lower back feels great again, which is so nice after suffering for so long. I guess it’s as you said – use it or lose it. I stretched faithfully, as you told me and I did all your exercises. They certainly are unique and I have to say I was skeptical at first, but not any more. I would recommend your services to anyone who listens. All the best in your practice in the future.

Brian Nelsen, Vancouver, BC

After my car accident, I thought I would never walk normally again. I was astounded at how fast you found things that others missed. Who knew that posture plays such an important part in pain? And little things like finding a sore IT band that I was not even aware of, a weak ankle that played a part in me favoring one side during walking, and a psoas muscle that contributes to back pain??? Well success breeds optimism and I am certainly optimistic again. You certainly know your stuff and you have my admiration.

Amy Bogdan, (Visiting tourist)

The rotational exercises you gave me for my sore back are great. Within a couple of weeks I noticed a big change and I have much better mobility. Thank you from a former cranky senior (now happy again).

Tom Willis, Nanaimo, BC

My leg pain is so much better since I used your stretches and muscle balance therapy. Thanks Jorg because I was at wits end. At my age pain is not a good companion. But my muscles are responding so much better and my walking has improved measurably since my first visit a few months back. You are such an incredibly patient teacher. God bless all your endeavors.

Mary Wilford, Penticton, BC

Jorg, what a big goof I was to doubt you! Here I am virtually pain free and who would have thought it. I guess I must have taxed your patience a few times with my attitude, and I really apologize, but after the car accident I had few places left to turn. Physio was not helping much anymore and chiropractic treatments were a temporary measure. Don’t even get me started on massage. You can see why I had so much doubt. Well it took a while but your approach, though slow at first was perfect. You worked on getting inflammation down with natural remedies (which reduced the need for strong pain medications), then we stretched everything out lightly and in turn started to work the muscles in various wonderful ways only you could think of. The formula works and I”m glad I listened. I’ll recommend you to all my other irritating friends….

Lenny Smith, Penticton, BC

The little Town of Osoyoos is lucky to have such a knowledgeable owner as Jorg Mardian to serve them. My wife and I attended for a private training session and some therapy for an old shoulder injury. I was stunned at the experience this man possess in terms of therapeutic exercises and fitness training. We have implemented all he recommended and have both lost weight, feel stronger and my shoulder feels great a few months later. We’re both in our 60’s, by the way. Would highly recommend Three60Fitness Studio. Jorg Mardian is top notch in knowledge, experience, customer service and product offered. You will never regret going there and his prices are excellent.

Tom Highley, Vancouver, BC