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Client Nutrition Testimonials

Jorg – the presentation you gave on January 17, 2007 at the United Church in Oliver was very well received. As requested, I have tallied the total, and roughly 55 seniors were in attendance.

Though your time was limited, you were able to get your points across clearly and concisely.
Many of those in attendance had questions; in fact a number signed a petition asking for more information after your seminar. Thank you therefore for the packet of follow up information. It will give them a greater understanding of wholesome nutrition and how to take out undesirable elements out of the diet.
It seems you stirred the pot to action, and judging by the overwhelming response, many will happily implement what you suggested. They are excited about a new approach to their lifestyle, which will help them with increased energy and less illness in the future.

We would like to retain your services again in the future, with an increased amount of time for you to talk. Thank you again for your time and effort, and we wish you all the best in future endeavours.

Gail McLaren, Friendship Group - Oliver and Osoyoos, BC

Your seminar – Balanced Nutritional Meal Planning was very good and really eye opening. I really enjoyed your presentation Jorg. You are extremely knowledgeable and I learned much in a relatively short space of time, to help me recover.

Mark Mitchell, Upper Similkameen Indian Band - Hedley, BC

Great information session Jorg. I really believe if I implement what you suggested, I will definitely feel a lot better. I am now going to try hard to eat better so that I will have more energy. Everything you said made so much sense and I firmly believe this information will help me get back to my old energetic self. I’m really excited about implementing these nutritional changes – many, many thanks.

Chuck Holmes Sr., Upper Similkameen Indian Band - Hedley, BC

My wife Claire and I had the great pleasure of taking a course in nutrition and fitness given by Jorg through the Oliver Parks & Recreation Society. At the end of his program, I had lost 20 lbs, 2 inches off my waist, gained lean muscle mass, and was able to cut my high blood pressure medication dosage in half with my doctor’s blessing.
Claire lost weight and dress sizes as well as lowering her thyroid medication dosage by 30%. Our clothes fit better and we have much more energy.Since the end of this course, Claire and I have continued to attend Jorg’s drop in training sessions in Oliver, and we recommend his fitness and nutrition programs without hesitation to anyone who wants to feel better and enjoy the process. We are fortunate to have Jorg’s knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm in a smaller centre like Oliver.

Larry & Claire Schwartzenberger, Oliver, BC

I really enjoyed Jorg’s seminar “Aging Gracefully“ because when he talked about illness prevention, I got the definite sense that he was on top of current information. It’s just too bad that he was given only given 45 minutes to speak, as I was enthralled and would have loved to hear more. However, I did get a ton of new information. Thank you sooo much…

Danette Whitez, Upper Similkameen Indian Band - Hedley, BC

We would like to say that Jorg is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and insightful in the area of nutrition. He answered all our questions expertly and we feel we will benefit for years to come. As such, his services are highly recommended by us.

Barndon and Mary Squakin, Hedley, BC

Jorg was extremely helpfull in teaching me about nutrition. He pointed out my starch addiction and was able to teach me about eating right for my sport endurance. This last month I competed at a tournament where I fought 12 consecutive Karate matches without gassing. That’s something I wouldn’t have accomplished with my old eating habits. Thanks Jorg.

Shane Crawford, Oliver, BC

I have benefited greatly from Jorg’s alkaline/acidic food lists. I shop right from that list and so far have not gone wrong except when I skip meals. It’s true, if you don’t eat your body fights back, and not in a nice way.

Cheryl Tidd, Oliver, BC

I just wanted to write in and say what a fabulous experience I had with Jorg. This guy really knows his stuff and keeps it simple enough for the average layman to really absorb what is taught. There are no tricks, gimmicks, or diets. Jorg works only with timeless principles of health, using wholesome nutrition. At the beginning I was really soft, especially around the waist, where my belly was jiggly.
Jorg worked with me using wholesome foods, plus he gave me some tips which were out of this world. I mean, who knew we are being lied to so much by food processors, and that so much garbage is hidden in refined foods? Absolutely everything he said was true. Now three months later, the belly is now flat and I am deliriously happy. As Jorg kept telling me: “If you stick to what I say, you’ll get results. Cheat, and we have a problem.”
Jorg is firm, but he keeps it in context of my success and I can now see he wanted good results even more than I did. Good health is worth every penny of the journey! Thanks Jorg, I’m a believer!

John Wang, Kamloops, BC

A small group of Oliver ladies meet on a monthly basis – they call their group (WOW) — Women of Oliver for Women, and their mission is to enrich the lives of women and children in our community and beyond. Always wanting to keep fit and healthy so we can continue to serve our community as noted, we asked Jorg to speak about good nutrition and fitness in our own lives. There were many positive comments about the presentation and we all went away with thoughts about how we can improve ourselves on a daily basis. Thanks Jorg.

Shirley Polk, (WOW), Kamloops, BC

I am currently engaged, and the fiance and I want to get in shape. We only have 9 months until the wedding day. Of course I want my fiance and I to look and feel our best on that day. So, we started going to the gym and working hard at it, but not getting anywhere. The frustration was already building. Then by luck I picked up the Oliver Parks and Recreation hand book and saw Jorg Mardian’s name there as a Personal Trainer.
I met Jorg about a year ago and tried out a couple of his fitness and nutrition training classes. What came back to my mind was how much of an understanding he had on the foods we were eating. Well I thought , what better way to tell your fiance she needed to change her diet without getting into trouble. So I called Jorg up for a meeting with the two of us. He started us out on High Intensity (HIIT) cardio training. Now things were happening. I then made it to his food and nutrition seminar. I was again amazed at his knowledgeable on the foods we were eating, and especially what was behind the label. Well I think I learned a thing or two from the seminar.
Jorg topped off his seminar info with a walk through the local super market with my family. (9yr old girl, 8yr old girl, 5yr old boy were also present). Now the whole family Knows what the best food choices are at the supermarket. Our high carb diet has now changed to a well balanced diet without all the garbage. We are well on our way to reaching our goals. I see Jorg as being very genuine in that he cares for the well being of his clients. He has given the whole family the gift of a long healthy living life and better lifestyle. What more can you ask for.

Darrell James, Oliver, BC

Jorg, your ”Healthy by Nature” Nutrition Seminar at the Oliver Parks and Recreation facility was astounding. As a whole, you demonstrate health principles in such a clear style that just about anyone can get it. We just loved the way you kept hammering home your points without once going over our heads. It’s also refreshing to hear someone talk about something else besides diets. As you stated, “healthy eating is a catalyst not only for effective weight loss, but long term, overall health.” That’s a point many speakers today totally miss.
Your handouts were also greatly appreciated, as they help retain what you spoke of. Thanks so much Jorg. You have enriched and impacted our lives tremendously and this little note is a small token of our appreciation.

Group of thankful participants, Oliver, BC

Thank you so much for promoting our “Communities For Kids” (CFK) Family Fair via your column in the local newspaper. It’s connections like you as an important community supporter of early childhood development that makes CFK work!

On behalf of Communities For Kids

Pat H., Oliver, BC

To me, the experience of proper exercise during the last three months was a kick-start to finally losing weight. I have lost almost 7% body fat by eating better overall. Thanks for your help Jorg.

Lorill Mraze, Oliver, BC

Wow! Disciplined eating and physical exercise sure pays off. I wasn’t expecting to lose 10 pounds, as I am small in stature to begin with. But the benefits of of renewed energy and sense of well being are definitely worth the meal planning. 1/2 hour each morning to prepare healthy snacks/lunch items for grazing at work. I’ve adapted to the portions of healthy foods and will continue to skip the road trip burgers/fries and Timmies goodies. Thanks org for giving me the incentive to be proactive about my health and to continue to challenge my increasingly stronger body with assorted new activities.

Lee Mounsey, Oliver, BC

Jorg, I am feeling great and getting lots of compliments. I spent two weeks in Ottawa trying out the local cuisine and even got wined and dined at a French Restaurant in Gatineau and still maintained because of healthy choices and walking daily. The surprising thing is the 10% body fat loss. I now reach for celery sticks or snap peas to satisfy hunger pangs instead of peanut butter on crackers. I intend to keep up the good habits I have developed and want to start resistance training in the future. Thank you Jorg for all your help.

Enjoulyna Khoury, Oliver, BC

When you told me that nutrition is 80% of my weight loss success, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. After all, I have been working out for about 25 years and with great results. But wow, the waist, butt, thighs and arms have tightened up to the point where I get stared at now, rather than getting the odd compliment. You are a nutritional scientist and I’ll bet, undervalued. I have to tell you it feels simply amazing to lose inches where I thought it was impossible after all these years. Words cannot express my appreciation for your amazing nutritional knowledge and patient tutelage.

Diana Soniata, Vancouver, BC