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The Value of Testimonials
I’ve been in the game of fitness for many years now and I’ve learned a lot about how people react when under pressure of muscular pain,  or are made to perform strange, new movements. Human nature comes out in full force when the body is pushed to its limits and the trainer becomes the target of vengeful discourse while sweat is dripping down the clients brow.
Of course, this is where certification fails big time, in that it doesn’t teach the trainer how to react in a correct way and not offend by arguing back. I consider it a successful session if my clients dislike me DURING the session. I am not there to make friends, I am there to improve them, get results, drive, push and motivate in a way that keeps them coming back. Clients have to know that  they can do more, that their goal is being achieved and they have to be able to clearly see that goal spelled out every step of the way. As such, I break their goal down into smaller, easier to attain goals.
Yes there will be work, but like drops filling a bucket, the goal will eventually be achieved. Of course, with the correct instruction of principles of health, a client should be able to turn the faucet from dripping to a steady stream, as the body dislikes being out of balance.
Have a look at the client testimonials below and see what people are saying about my training. I value their feedback and each testimonial is an inspiration to me and keeps me motivated. AND, by the way, most are still friends with me 🙂