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Jody Subotin – 161.6 Pounds

Jody Subotin - March 29, 2013 - 348.6 lbs, 40.55 body fat and 63" waist.

March 29, 2013 – 348.6 lbs, 40.5% body fat and 63″ waist.

March 29, 2013 – Jody came to Three60Fitness Athletics at the end of March 2013 needing to shed some weight fast. He weighed 348 lbs, which was sitting on a 5″8 inch frame. This led to an extremely high body fat content of 40.5%, as well as a waist girth of 63 inches. All of those figures were a clear indicator of future health problems and so we decided to put in place a program consisting of weekly exercises and nutritious eating.

Our action plan was to put together a routine that started at a beginner level, but was to be scaled progressively upwards in intensity as his fitness levels increased.

We also took out all junk food from his diet and started a program of clean eating for him.  Early commitment levels were enforced (gently) to ensure steady and frequent success.

A big part of a successful, long-term commitment such as this is to make sure there is no letdown from the initial excitement and to ensure that dedication to the cause was kept high. This was done with ongoing counsel about keeping track of priorities – towards personal health and well-being, energy for work and play, and of course putting all that into a long-term perspective for family. It’s no use living to be 80 if you don’t have a quality of life and can’t enjoy your time with wife and children.

Jody Subotin - May 15, 2013 - 293.4 lbs, (55.2 lbs lost) 30.7% body fat, 56" waist

May 15, 2013 – 293.4 lbs, (55.2 lbs lost) 30.7% body fat, 56″ waist

May 30, 2013 – It’s now 8 weeks later and Jody has lost an amazing 55.2 pounds. That’s not exactly the recommended loss by experts. Normally it should be done slower, but this tells us how out of balance Jody’s body was. He was NOT on a diet, simply on eating clean foods, with smaller portions spaced out more frequently throughout the day.

How efficient was this lifestyle change? Putting all this into context, Jody has lost an average of 6.9 pounds a week for the last 8 weeks, and overall shaved 7 inches off his waist and dropped 9.8% body fat. 

Jody’s fitness regime consisted of Metabolic Conditioning exercises with rounds of weight training interspersed with short bursts of cardio. These are 45 minutes maximum and are highly efficient at stripping off body fat and inches off the waist. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when you drop the frills and gimmicks, the diets, antiquated advice and packaged diet junk. Learn to adopt habits that will last for life, and you suddenly look healthier and slimmer.

Our plan is to eventually drop Jody down to about 180-190 pounds body weight. Check back to see his continued results!

July 23, 2013 - 75 lbs lost, 12.6 inches off the waist and 11.3% body fat lost.

July 23, 2013 – 75 lbs lost, 12.6 inches off the waist and 11.3% body fat lost.

July 23, 2013 – At this point Jody’s weekly weight loss average has dropped to 5 pounds, which is still far above average. Body fat loss sits at 11.3% and the inches off the waist continue to drop at a torrid pace – now at 11.6 inches (almost a solid foot). We are now 15 weeks into Jody’s rebuilding process and he stands before us 75 pounds lighter. He gets lot of credit for his dedication and commitment to the training and eating regimen. A lot of people start to fight it this far in, giving excuses about lack of time, work commitments, family, etc. Quite frankly, none of these hold water when compared to the alternative – disease or death.

Again, accountability continues to be a key factor as Jody keeps getting advice about the importance of whole foods towards weight loss, rather than looking at low-calorie foods.

Adopting small, realistic lifestyle changes are crucial because if he can’t continue the behavior after he has lost the desired weight, this effort will not be sustainable and is a recipe for regaining weight.

With factual information and guidance on effective training and healthy eating, he will continue to shrink his waist and resolve his health difficulties. Keep up the good work Jody!

Jodi Subotin - January 7, 2014

Jodi Subotin – January 7, 2014

January 7, 2014 – We are now just a little past 9 months and Jodi has lost a total of 128 lbs. His body fat levels are now, for the first time, at a level NOT considered clinically obese. His waist is also still shrinking, down now an incredible 20.5 inches – almost 2 feet! 

As you can tell from the picture, Jodi is sizing down dramatically. This is no trick photography, no fake lighting and no sucking in the gut, as many “give me money for my systems” seem to employ. What you see is what you get here – hard work in the fitness department and clean eating with tons of healthy foods.

Jodi is not lacking energy because he’s allowed to eat healthy foods in good amounts to the point of being satisfied. We only take away those foods that could be harmful to him.

At this point in time, there should be no need for too many canned or boxed foods, as most of these are heavily refined with sugars, unhealthy fats, additives, chemicals and other unsavoury ingredients that can sabotage his lifestyle change. The point is to make sure his habits stay with him for life. The biggest mistake now would be to stray from acquired habits and get on the yo-yo diet wagon. Fortunately, Jodi is committed to what he is learning.

Jodi Subotin – April 8, 2014 – 188 lbs, 15.9% body fat, 42″ waist.

April 8, 2014 – 188 lbs, 15.9% body fat, 42″ waist.

Here's what 26 inches lost off the waist looks like.

Here’s what 26 inches lost off the waist looks like.

April 8, 2014 – The incredible shrinking man keeps – well shrinking! Jodi has lost a total of 161.6 lbs now. His body fat has dropped to 15.9% and his waist is down to 42.5 inches. As stated before, our original goal was to bring this man down to a healthy body weight of 190 pounds. He is now at 188 pounds, a far cry from his original 348.5 pounds. 

It’s simply a journey of eating healthy foods and doing intelligent exercise. Jodi has found out that nothing in life comes with easy, and certainly this journey didn’t. But look at the results. He has said that he has cemented the habit of eating wholesome foods and seldom feels like putting junk in his mouth. There is simply no reason to go on any diet product when lots of vegetables, clean protein, healthy carbs and fats will do the trick. Add soups, shakes and veggie juices into the mix and the weight comes off easy.At this point in time we are concentrating on muscle building with him. We have Jodi on “Lactic Acid, Metabolic Conditioning and Interval” training, routines which can make a grown man cry. But he has decided he wants a harder challenge – an attitude we appreciate here at Three60Fitness –  and we’re here to provide that. From here on in, we’re looking to see how his body further responds to clean eating and exercise. Nothing will be forced through extreme dieting. His weight loss will naturally slow down when his body finds its balance and then we’re looking to add quality muscle and tone/tighten everything.