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Jodi Vieira – 40 LBS

Jodi Vieira – Lost 40 LBS

Jodi Vierra - front profile at start of journey August 2012

Jodi Vierra – front profile at start of journey August 2012

My name is Jodi Vieira, I started working out with my personal trainer, Jorg Mardian from Three60Fitness Athletics on August 9, 2012.  I have lost and gained weight over the years and I am happy to say I have finally lost, no, got rid of 40 pounds, my body fat has gone down 15.8%, and my waist has dropped 9.5 inches. But aside from losing weight I have gained muscle, strength and knowledge beyond my expectations.  I have learned so much about myself. We reached our original goal that we set (-30lbs) in 5 months.
His expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and support have been amazing.  Metabolic training has been a very successful form of training for me.  His workout routines have been consistently different and there is always a new challenge, I have never once not wanted to workout since we started.
When most people start a workout program and have weight to lose they generally only focus on only the weight loss. Jorg works on all of it, weight loss, strength, nutrition and understanding of how our body works.  When I think about why I workout my answer is easy, mental clarity, inner health, tons of energy, strength, and fitting into my clothes better.  Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face (once I have had my first cup of coffee).  My energy levels last throughout the day.
Is There A Magic Pill?
Jodi Vierra - side profile at start of journey August 2012

Jodi Vierra – side profile at start of journey August 2012

There is no magic pill (yes I had wished there was), it takes dedication, hard work, sweat, and a commitment everyday to eat well and workout. I love it!!!!  They say addictions are bad, but I think this is best one anyone could have.
I have a renewed passion about nutrition and fitness,  I eat to fuel my body. I am always trying new recipes.  My next phase with Jorg, is to improve my fitness level and continue body contouring.
I would strongly recommend Jorg from Three60Fitness in Osoyoos to anyone wanting to improve their health and well being. Thank you Jorg, you’re a dedicated trainer.
Below are some recent pictures taken after losses. Notice the dramatic difference in hip to waist ratio, body fat reduction, weight loss, muscle definition, postural improvements, etc. I’m sure you’ll agree that this lifestyle change was worth every bit of time invested.

Jodi Vieira - front profile May 2013

Jodi Vieira – front profile May 2013

Jodi Vieira - side profile March 2013

Jodi Vieira – side profile March 2013

Jodi Vieirra - Back pose 2013

Jodi Vieira – back pose March 2013

Showing the guns

Front pose – March 2013

Just so you girls know – training with weights does NOT make you bulky. Looking at the picture below, you can see a slimmed down version, with some serious looking lean muscle through using weights that were challenging. This back, by the way, was not carved with 5 pound weights. Without trying to sound biased, I would say the results are stunning.

Back lunge with twist

Back lunge with twist

The difference between merely losing weight and gaining lean muscle is evident
Stats August 2012 – Weight 162.2 lbs, Body Fat 33.1%, Waist 36″
Stats March 2013 – Weight 122.2 lbs, Body Fat 16.5%, Waist 26.5″

Jodi jpg

1 Year Update
August 9, 2013
Current Weight:  122.2lbs – down 40 lbs
Waist:  Lost 9.5 inches
Body Fat:  Down to 16.5%

photo (4)

Showing off the guns

It’s been one year, that’s 365 days that I have been on this amazing journey.  I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. I feel so energized and can’t wait to workout everyday, whether it is at Three60 Fitness Studio, my home or outside.
My current workout schedule is 5-6 hours per week with a combination of weights and cardio.  Eating clean is the way I choose to eat.  It is not a diet it’s treating your body with respect.  The better you feed it the better your body responds.  Feeding the interior by eating clean helps the exterior.  Working out gives me mental clarity, strength, health, and wellness.
Three words I use to describe myself:  dedicated, determined, and motivated.  Find one hour everyday (there are 24 hours in a day) and make time for yourself, you are worth it.  This is the lifestyle I live.  I am healthy, strong and have never felt better.


photo (5)
photo (2)
I have so much appreciation and respect for Jorg (my trainer) and what he does everyday.  He continues to challenge, encourage and support me.  I could not have done this without him.  The knowledge he has taught me has given me inner and outer strength.
I also want to thank my wonderful husband for his love and support.  He is forever and always trying one of my concoctions in the kitchen, putting up with my unlimited energy and non-stop talk about my workouts.
I am work in progress and will continue to find ways to educate and challenge myself.  I look forward to this year’s challenges and amazing opportunities.
Thank you for a great year Jorg.
Jodi Viera