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Dede Emery – 100 LBS

Dede Emery – Lost 100 LBS

Dede Emery came to me in 2007 needing help badly. She was 58 years old and not in good shape physically; in need of a trainer that could not only help her, but be tough on her to keep going. That was her number one stipulation. Obviously there were a host a problems to deal with  – weight reduction, fat loss, mobility, chronic fatigue, nutrition problems, bad knees, mental hindrances to exercise/diet and so on.
A trainer that could easily be run over was not going to cut it, so having to be tough on Dede was a challenge I had to  meet, not only with how to train her and what type of regimen she could maintain, but how to motivate her both with exercise and diet manipulation. Dede had not done anything like this for about 30 years, so obviously it wasn’t going to be easy getting her to change old habits.
Dede Emery - February 2007

Dede Emery – February 2007

As you can see by the before and after pictures, the challenge was met handily in 10 months. Dede went from a bodyweight of 265 pounds down to 165 pounds, a total weight loss of 100 pounds. Her body-fat went down from 48% to 28%, a 20 % reduction, which is massive and obviously great for her heart.


Dede Emery - December 2007

Dede Emery – December 2007

Dede still works out with me to this day.