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Alison Laranjo – 60 LBS

Alison Laranjo Featured In 2012 Okanagan Sun

After 60 LB Weight Loss Journey

Alison Laranjo Featured In July 2012 Okanagan Sun

Alison Laranjo Featured In July 2012 Okanagan Sun

From Fighting Fat to Fit Fighter: One Woman’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey 

By Brian Highley
Okanagan Sun, July 2012
Alison Laranjo faced a dilemma in October 2010 – lose weight or become very sick. At the young age of 25, she was already at the point of being
Alison at 210 lbs

Alison at 210 lbs

constantly tired and just wanted to feel better. So she took an honest appraisal of her lifestyle and decided that losing about 30 pounds off her 210 pound frame was her best option. How to do it was to be left to someone else, so she hired the services of local fitness expert and nutritionist Jorg Mardian.
And so began a journey that would transform this young woman’s life. Laranjo began working out five days a week and started eating healthy foods, instead of junk. Her dietary intake now consisted of many vegetables, protein and healthy fats, and a reduced carbohydrate intake to reflect her activity levels. High fat junk food and sugar was cut out altogether to help bring her body fat under control.
The fitness regimen was started slowly at first to help her muscles become conditioned to more work, but within a short period of time Mardian quickly progressed her to faster cardio and weights. Soon, Laranjo started really enjoying her new lifestyle, especially as the fitness routines became increasingly more vigorous.
Throughout, Laranjo also maintained a busy schedule at her salon, Beyond Beauty Hair Studio. To do so, her trainer had to “fit her new lifestyle into an already hectic schedule.”
Mardian designed a program of “interval training, heavier weights and bodyweight routines while keeping her on a healthy eating plan of frequent, yet small portions of whole foods.
“Everything was designed around short, intense exercise sessions designed to stimulate her metabolism, lose body fat and build muscle quickly,” said Mardian.
He added, “Alison had a deep desire to turn things around and stayed amazingly focused throughout this journey. I provided the means, but the determination to change had to come from her for success to be guaranteed.”
The results speak for themselves. Laranjo quickly surpassed her initial 30-pound goal and Mardian encouraged her to double up on it. Seven months later she did just that, losing 60 pounds, while dropping a whopping 14 percent body fat and decreasing her waist size by 10 inches.
“I have so much more confidence, and feel 100% better about myself, not to mention a ton more energy,” Laranjo said.
She added, “ Every morning when I wake up to workout, I feel that I have accomplished something worthwhile even before 8 am. I can work harder all day, and just feel more alive which makes me more creative.”
Another benefit to Laranjo has been in her personal life.
“It has affected my relationship, because I am happier every day, which reflects on my partner as well.”
At this point in her life, Laranjo can’t imagine ever going back to the negative feelings of her former lifestyle. She encourages everyone to get out there and take steps to become more active in any way.
“I wanted to share my story with others to encourage people to get motivated and live a healthier lifestyle. If I can do it, anybody can,” she said.

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