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Osoyoos Woman Loses 60 Lbs.


After Losing 60 Pounds, Osoyoos Woman

Encourages Others To Lead Healthier Lives

Osoyoos Times, May 11, 2011
By Paul Everest – Editor
For the first time in her life, Osoyoos’s Alison Laranjo is really looking forward to the summer.
Having struggled with her weight and being tired all the time for most of her life, the 27-year-old decided to do something about her health and fitness last October.
After approaching Jorg Mardian, a local personal trainer and nutritionist, for help with her goal of losing 30 pounds and feeling better, Laranjo began a program of working out five days a week and adjusted her diet to cut out foods that are high in fat and sugar.
“After an initial assessment, I told her that though she was young, she was also at risk for cardiovascular disease due to high body fat content,” Mardian said. “At this point, it was crucial to help her understand that the best way to proceed was not with the latest fad diet or weight loss pill, but with sensible, whole food eating and a vigorous exercise regimen.”
He added that since Laranjo has a busy schedule at the salon she owns, Beyond Beauty Hair Studio, he had to “fit this new lifestyle into her busy schedule.”
So, Mardian designed a program of “faster aerobic type movements coupled with functional weight training” as well as a diet regimen of “frequent, yet small” portions of whole foods.
“We now employ short and intense exercise sessions designed to stimulate the metabolism, lose fat and build muscle,” he said.
For Laranjo, the results have been “amazing.” In seven months she has lost 60 pounds, decreased her body fat by 14 per cent and decreased her waist size by 10 inches.
Laranjo said that since she began working with Mardian, she has more energy and her mindset for life has become more positive.
She added that she can run for longer periods of time and now craves any opportunity to exercise.
Her success has inspired her to encourage other women to take steps to live healthier lifestyles.
“I have so much more energy and overall my whole outlook on life is more positive,” Laranjo said. “I wanted to share my story with others to encourage people to get motivated and live a healthier lifestyle.
“If I can do it, anybody can.”