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Time For Action

It’s Time For Action On Healthy Living

Oliver Parks & Recreation Society News
January 20, 2010

The Oliver Parks and Recreation Society sponsored two “Healthy by Nature” nutrition seminars over the last two weeks. In all, about 70 people attended and were given a hands on demonstration of how to “eat better to live better.” The speaker, Nutritional Practitioner Jorg Mardian, gave four hours of lectures through such diverse topics as defining whole food nutrition, how to eat better for increased life span, understanding how refined food impacts our health and why diets are destined to fail.

Currently, Canadian disease statistics are at an alarmingly high level. This makes it imperative that we demonstrate a personal commitment to counter what is considered an epidemic of junk foods, empty calories and harmful fats in our diets. Yet still, the North American food industry continues to spend billions on marketing because advertising affects our behaviour. We need to help people recognize the impact of their decisions and equip them to resist these immoral marketing messages with intelligent information and healthy eating alternatives. As such, we believe these seminars to be a good start to a proactive community based nutrition program.

According to participant feedback it was a great success, giving an invaluable education about healthy food choices to all who attended. Look for more in the near future.