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Biggest Loser 2011 – Week 5

Oliver Biggest Loser Challenge Now In Week Five

Oliver Chronicle
February 18, 2011
by Carol Sheridan
The Oliver Biggest Loser participants are now in Week 5 of the program and by now most people have started to see real results in the form of weight loss and improved fitness levels, while some have fallen off routines and diet plans and are struggling to get back on track.  The halfway point, marked by the “6-Week Weigh-In” event, is drawing near – next Tuesday, Feb 22 the OBL participants will all come together for the first time since Jan 19th to get a good look at how everyone is doing, have their measurements taken and a get chance to get re-motivated to reach their personal goals.
When the program started on Jan 19th, everyone got on the scale and the total group weight came in at 12, 157 lbs.  After the Feb 22nd weigh-in we will know how many pounds each person and the overall group has lost in the first 6 weeks.  The total pounds and inches lost will be tallied when the competition wraps up at the Final Weigh-In on April 13th.  Most people have told us that they signed up for this program because they wanted to lose weight and get more fit.  The OBL program gives people different options of classes they can attend and the tools to do workouts on their own time and a diet plan to follow to reduce caloric intake each day.
Every person in the program has a different story to tell about their own progress. One participant wrote in to share this about her involvement: “My goals were to build a bit more muscle, lose a bit of fat and just become healthier and more active in general. I can say I’m accomplishing my goals so far – I’m down 4 pounds, my body fat percentage is down, and I’m not so sore after doing fitness classes or playing hockey. I love Jorg’s classes and how they’re so sports oriented and never the same. I’m noticing I can be a bit more active with my kids again without having so many worries about getting myself injured which feels really good.”
Another participant writes this about her 4-week results: “I am really enjoying this program and I’m so grateful that Oliver is on board with this venture.  I have personally lost 6 pounds and 1 inch off my waist. I appreciate Jorg’s careful instructions in our exercise classes. It’s definitely been a challenge to give up eating candy but I’m doing fine.  I’ve also reduced my coffee intake and try to follow the diet plan closely.  I’m in this for the long run.”
One of the most exciting stories I’ve received so far is this one:  “I haven’t felt this positive about exercising and eating right in a very long time. So far I am down 11 1/2 pounds and 4 1/2 ” off my waist. I am so happy. “
Not everyone is having an easy time of it, however.  There are several participants who work shift work and are struggling to get to classes or the gym at all.  Others are finding it difficult to follow the meal plan and even though they are getting 3-4 workouts in per week are not seeing the same results as others.
I spoke to one woman back in Week 2 who was completely discouraged by her 2lb weight loss compared to that of others she had spoken to.  One couple is currently renovating their kitchen so are eating out in restaurants on a daily basis while they get the work done and are struggling to find healthy choices.  The bottom line is that everyone’s body is different and everyone will have their own challenges.  On the hit TV show people are losing 8-15 pounds per week but all they do is train and focus on diet.  Oliver participants have children to raise, job and real life to deal with. Losing weight takes time – especially if you want to keep it off for good.  Committing to an exercise program or class, following a healthy diet plan every day and meeting up with a workout buddy are sure ways to reach weight loss goals.  Stay tuned over the next 7 weeks for more Oliver Biggest Loser participant stories and results.