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100 LB Weight Loss Just The Beginning

When Is A 100 Pound Weight Loss Journey Just the Beginning?

By Brian Highley, Okanagan Sun – November 2013 Issue

Sometimes in life events flow together to bring about a change that’s not only deeply profound, but life

Battle ropes

Battle ropes

altering and lasting. Some call this luck, but as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently stated, “The harder you work, the more you have of it.”

That’s exactly what happened to Jody Subotin. Here was an individual seriously concerned about his health. Still a young man in his thirty’s, he was nevertheless hitting the scale at almost 350 pounds, at a height of five foot eight. One of his biggest concerns was not living past forty-five years of age. Constantly tired at home, work or play, he felt completely frustrated. Every night he found himself crashing because he couldn’t function and figured he was heading down the path to an early death.

He knew he had to make a dramatic lifestyle change, but joining a gym wasn’t going to work because the accountability was missing. So he decided to seek the services of a professional trainer. Multiple choices were available, but a friend of his had lost about 60 pounds after hiring the services of local fitness expert Jorg Mardian, so he decided to contact him at Three60Fitness in Osoyoos.

“I wanted a personal experience – a one on one environment – which included a nutritional component and an effective training package,” said Subotin. “I didn’t want to get involved in some crazy diet experience; I wanted proper eating and training.”

It just wasn’t in the cards to be with a trainer daily, but he figured even after a 9-12 hour workday, he could still put in time at home to change his physique. So after his initial consultation with trainer Jorg Mardian, he was given a home workout to perform 3-5 times a week. Then all he had to do was come back once weekly to be weighed and measured for body fat and given his next assignment at the studio.

“Look,” he said, “I simply had no willpower, but that’s why I came to Three60Fitness. Having to face a trainer weekly made me not want to disappoint him or myself. His constant reassurances were like a little voice in my head telling me to get off the couch and get fit. He simply gave me the tools I needed, and all I had to do was use them.”

And use them Subotin did. After two months something extraordinary happened – he managed to lose about 55 pounds, 10% body fat and 7 inches off his waist. It wasn’t easy and Mardian figured it occurred for one reason: through sheer, concentrated, dogged determined work and optimism.

“This guy has a killer work ethic, and I respect that. Sometimes we want to blame someone or something for our bad health, and that just perpetuates the cycle.” said Mardian. “But you know what, the world is a curious thing, it responds to us as we respond to it.”

In other words, Mardian hints strongly at willpower being a key to continued success. But he does help his client further in that department, which is why he opened his 2200 square foot training facility just over a year ago. This is an extremely unique training environment unlike anything else in the South Okanagan and here he supplies what his clients need – everything from private training, nutrition counseling, advanced training principles for all fitness levels and even therapeutic exercises for injury. It’s all a formula that has led to incredible success and a loyal client following.

“I usually want results even more than my clients do,” said Mardian, “and with Jody it was no different. His expectations were to lose about a hundred pounds, but I knew that this would still not achieve an objective of overall good health. I convinced him that we would have to drop him to 180 pounds to be truly healthy – a 170-pound overall loss.”

Subotin bought the formula willingly and changes continued rapid and profound. His home workouts were short and effective, continually changing so that his body would not get used to them.

“As I kept working out I saw so many changes every week, which was inspiring to no end,” said Subotin. “I always had one thousand opportunities to cheat, but why ruin a beautiful thing?  Working out eventually got easier as I got off my rear end,” he added.

For Subotin, it also got easier to get off the couch as the weight came off, and it kept coming off. Now 15 weeks later, he was seventy-five pounds lighter, had dropped 11.3% body fat and his waist was down 11.6 inches.

“With all these bodily changes, I was also undergoing a mental change as well,” he said with emphasis. “I was more patient, energetic, outgoing and didn’t feel like taking naps anymore. After a night’s sleep, getting out of bed was also 200 times easier than before.”

“I never expected to lose weight so rapidly,” said Subotin. I was pleasantly surprised and I had absolutely no reason to stop. Jorg’s 170 pound weight loss goal for me now didn’t seem like such a distant dream; in my mind it was entirely within reach.”

Now just over six months later, Subotin has reached a milestone weight loss of 100 pounds. He stands at 248 pounds, with 14.5% body fat lost and 17.7 inches off his waist. It’s not yet svelte, but what a difference.

To put this all into perspective, he has lost an incredible 4.1 pounds a week on average. Considering that a two pounds weekly loss is pretty good, it shows just how out of balance his body was.

“Hey, my kids can now, for the first time in their life, put their hands around my waist,” he added.  “I would definitely recommend Jorg Mardian’s professional services to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight or better their health.”

Subotin doesn’t think the “no time” excuse holds water since he also works long days. He simply goes home to his small workout room where he has a yoga mat, 3 sets of weights and a ball, and works out. Then he heads off on Tuesday evenings to meet his trainer where he receives renewed instructions, counsel, and continued affirmations to make sure he keeps succeeding.

“I never felt that the workouts were complicated,” he said, “but they kicked butt and were effective. I follow Jorg’s simple formula: Eat this way, eat this much, work out this often with these exercises. It works and I couldn’t be happier.”

At this time, Subotin is sweating through more workouts as he heads towards his final goal of 170 total pounds lost. He remains extremely optimistic, which is no surprise seeing his current results. He also follows Mardian’s three mottos: (1) No excuses (2) Never say impossible (3) Adjust your attitude for continued success.

Mardian strongly believes that most of us, whether knowingly or unknowingly, are responsible for our current health situation. And even if that’s not the case, he empowers clients with all the tools necessary to make changes with the most up to date and scientific information available on nutrition and training. Still, he also uses methods that have stood the test of time and seems to perfectly mash everything together for a potent combination leading to better strength and overall health.