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Fit 4 Life Osoyoos 2014

Fit 4 Life Osoyoos – 2014

Some of the 25 participants of the "Fit For Life" challenge 2014

Some of the 25 participants of the “Fit For Life” challenge 2014

An exciting program that hit Osoyoos is the “Fit 4 Life” challenge — a weight loss/fitness program using the two best tools of all: a whole food diet and effective exercise.

This was a program designed to implement a complete and healthy change of life, to feel better, look better and do it within a group challenge.

The program encompassed increased fitness, weight loss, improved nutrition and the social aspect of meeting new people. It was also about changing small daily habits, moving with determination, being empowered by new-found beliefs and ending up with a healthier lifestyle to become a “new” person.

Twenty five people signed up in 2014, and no matter the difficulties, no one was turned away. Even if someone had been previously told there was little they can do, we changed that.

On Monday, January 13, we began with a nutrition seminar and getting participant vitals – body fat, weight and waists measurements.  The entire schedule for the 3 month contest was also handed to each participant who signed up.

The “Eat to Lose Diet” (given at the nutrition seminar) was easy to follow, with no calorie counting, weighing of food or points to collect. Everyone ate lots of food, but in different portions and of better quality, eliminating foods that previously harmed them. The eating plan included a higher content of lean protein and numerous varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits. It contained no processed foods, only good fats and a high fibre, high nutrient intake for overall reduction of weight and inches, as well as increased good health without deprivation or loss of energy.

The Fit 4 Life exercise plan was a 12 week cardio, strength and conditioning phase through classes at Three60Fitness Athletics – Gentle Fit, Cross Fit, Bootcamp and Zumba which assisted the eating plan with a fat blasting boost.

All participants were asked to keep in touch over the three months to track their progress. Then on April 2, after a good amount of sweat and effort, everyone met for final measurements and fitness testing.

Although individual goals were set and met, this was also be a chance to celebrate the collective success of all participants. By then, all understood the “secret” to eating well, exercising efficiently, and staying the course to better health through dogged determination. Most importantly, they learned to enjoy life with renewed purpose and focus each day, as their bodies transformed and their energy increased on this journey.

The 2014 winner was Austin Harrison who lost 32 pounds. Congratulations on a great effort.